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HD 49

Representing Common Sense and Family Values 
HD 49 Southwest Billings

It was my absolute honor and pleasure to serve the citizens of my hometown of Billings in the 68th Montana Legislature in 2023.  The required redistricting of all legislative districts changed my district.  I am running this year to represent a great neighborhood in southwest Billings, House District 49.

During the session in 2023, I worked with concerned constituents to pass a law to protect newborn infants from being abandoned in unsafe, unhealthy situations by creating an anonymous safe haven baby box opportunity.  In addition I proposed two property tax reform bills that would have given residential homeowners real property tax relief.  I will be carrying both bills again this session in hopes of getting them

passed into law.

I am proud to be the only Montana legislator in 2023 to earn a

100% rating for Conservative Excellence from the

American Conservative Union (click the title to learn more

about them).

The Montana Chamber of Commerce awarded me the Titans of

Business Award for my conservative votes in the 2023session.

I intend to be a strong conservative voice for my constituents and all the citizens of Montana.  I will fight for fair and meaningful property tax reform, support for our public safety workers,  growth in educational programs that train our students and our existing labor force for effective and inclusive career and job training, protection for school choice for all parents and students, and defense of our religious and democratic freedoms.

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Service in the 2023 Legislature

  • House Taxation Committee - Daily meetings 9 a.m.

    • 135 bills considered

    • 95 bills voted forward

    • 36 bills voted down

  • House Local Government Committee  - Mon/Wed/Fri 3 p.m.

    • 85 bills considered​

    • 63 bills voted forward

    • 20 bills voted down

  • House Education Committee - Tues/Thurs meetings 3 p.m.

    • 73 bills considered​

    • 60 bills voted forward

    • 11 bills voted down

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Interim Legislative Service

Interim Revenue Committee (RIC)

The RIC is a partisan legislative committee, whose members are selected by the legislative leadership.  The committee studies issues as assigned and initiated.  In addition, the committee evaluation monitoring for the Department of Revenue (DOR) and Tax Appeal Board (MTAB). 

The committee has been studying possible property tax reforms, possible income tax changes, and performing analysis of the DOR and the MTAB.

The committee meets every other month while the legislature is not is session.

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