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Montana House of Representatives
HD 52

Thank you for your support in the November Election.

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Putting My Skills
to Work

My Experience

  • Raised two wonderful children in Montana who are both small business owners and are raising my three talented grandchildren 

  • Worked 40 years in banking, credit unions, and insurance fields

  • Broke the "Glass Ceiling" many times over by working hard, playing fair, and managing well

  • Built numerous successful teams as part of my work and on many volunteer boards of directors

  • Understand the importance of team building, strategic planning, and interpersonal skills

My Goals for Montana

  • Build a robust, vibrant economy where everyone can learn the value and the virtues of self reliance and a strong work ethic.

  • Recognize and uphold the Constitutions of the United States and Montana and maintain our freedoms and liberties.

  • Provide safe and sound communities where the police are respected, supported, and praised for their good work

  • Maintain a school system that respects the values of its students and their parents and provides for educational choice.

  • Accept personal responsibility and maintain  our independence.

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