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Mining Equipment is Giant!

Updated: Feb 21

Montana has vast coal resources and they’re being responsibly developed in the eastern part of our state. I had the opportunity to visit the Rosebud Coal Mine with Representative Schillinger, Reprehensive Phalen, Representative Usher, and House District 38 Candidate Kmetz and saw firsthand the great work being done to develop that resource, and to reclaim the land after they’re done mining.

People say you can’t tell the difference between native rangeland and the reclaimed mine site. I beg to differ. The mine reclamation areas look far better than the surrounding native range. Both DEQ and the workers at Westmoreland Mining deserve credit for the outstanding stewardship over this resource.

The Rosebud Mine and the Colstrip Power Plant provide approx. 75% of the Rosebud County Revenue, in addition to the Federal Royalties and State Coal Severance Tax.

The Rosebud Mine and Colstrip Power Plant provides the only reliable baseload electrical power in Montana.

I’ll be looking for and will continue to fight for ways to help mines like this continue to do business in Montana, to continue to provide good paying jobs, to continue to leave things better than they found them, and to provide us with a secure energy future.

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